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Diet Recipe Videos

Keto Spicy Chili Green Beans Recipe

Weight Loss Recipes

Keto Spicy Chili Green Beans Recipe

This is a quick, simple and delicious side dish that will please any person, not just the ones on keto…although it works for you keto friends as well. I know i’m going to love this because i love anything with peanuts!

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So, did you enjoy the Keto Spicy Chili Green Beans Recipe video? I really hope so! I’m honestly quite glad to have found it myself. I personally think it looks pretty tasty!

Thanks for visiting DietRecipeVideos today. This is Michael Prevatt. It’s great seeing you taking action and committing yourself to good health and tasty food/beverages. I’m really into good healthy recipe videos. Glad to see that you like ’em, too. 🙂

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Alright, so let’s proceed…

Diet plans are in no short supply, my friend. You may be overwhelmed with your options. I know that I get overwhelmed with mine!

That’s why I believe that, when a particular diet has been chosen, and you’re looking to prepare your own tasty meals, sticking to your chosen diet is of paramount importance. Failure to stay on your chosen path can prove detrimental. It’ll likely take you back to the drawing board.

This is why you definitely want to compile a small library of recipes that fit within your particular diet plan. If you’re going low-calorie, then compile low-calorie recipes. If you’re a low-carber, then you’ll want low-carb recipes.

The importance of this cannot be overstated.

I’ve been guilty of hopping from one diet to the next. And I’ve done so for one simply reason…

On low-calorie, you crave calorie-rich foods. On sugar-restriction, you crave sugar. And let’s be honest here. Food-based videos are, in many instances, pretty damned seductive. 😉

Clearly, you need to stick to your chosen diet plan long enough to see results. At the end of the day, eating healthy foods and not going into a crazy caloric surplus may be enough to help you reach your goals.

Seems like pretty responsible advice. Control the calorie intake, eat clean, and the fat should come right off. Raising your activity levels will also prove beneficial (obviously).

It’s the most popular weight loss model in existence. And this is for good reason!

Not all diets are calorically restrictive though. Many diets have more of a macro-nutrient ratio focus. And you may not want to play around with those.

At least stick with one thing long enough to see results!

What I Recommend…

Take a look at the keto recipes category page right here on the site. I’ve compiled tons of great videos for you.

After that, go ahead and start bookmarking the videos that you like in your browser. What I would do is compile these into an all new bookmarks folder that you can call “**DIET TYPE (LOW-CARB, VEGAN, PALEO, ETC)** Meals,” or any other name that happens to strike your fancy.

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Many thanks!

Wishing you the best,

Michael Prevatt



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